Exclusively Titanium.

Matt elegance, noble tenacity and comfortable lightness. It is the exclusive world of titanium created by Lorenzini, the absolute specialist in Italy and Europe in the manufacturing of a metal with exceptional characteristics. Lorenzini is a company of pioneers and enthusiasts that for over 30 years has explored the possibilities offered by a versatile, beautiful, strong and durable material, pushing the limits of its use ever further.

With excellence in the traditional technologies of transforming the raw material, such as anodizing, oxidizing and electroplating, through which industrial applications for numerous sectors are provided, Lorenzini’s expertise also extends to special cutting-edge industrial methods such as water jet cutting and TIG welding.
Thanks to this commitment to innovation and experimentation, Lorenzini exceeds the usual boundaries of the use of titanium, creating revolutionary objects and systems that mark the state-of-the-art in terms of solutions for furniture, interior design, construction and furnishings in the shipbuilding, aerospace and yachting industries, as well as sport and design for everyday use.

Lorenzini gives luxury a new soul, distinct and indestructible: titanium.

Products and services

Living, Design - Yachting

Home, office, boat. The luxury of a life with a titanium soul The most powerful and striking interpretation of the many possibilities offered by titanium is that originating from the match between Lorenzini’s expertise and the creativity...

Anodic Oxidation

The anodic oxidation (or anodizing) of aluminum is perhaps one of the most common galvanic processes in the world and affects industries ranging from architecture to aeronautics, from sports equipment to the space, from mechanics to 'electronic...

Galvanic Industries

Through a combination of galvanizing systems made ad hoc, we are able to satisfy every possible production requirement. We therefore propose as a sole offering, as part of the treatment of metal surfaces, a complete service and the guarantee of a...

From the fork to the aeroplane frame, titanium makes all the difference