Exclusively Titanium.

Matt elegance, noble tenacity and comfortable lightness. It is the exclusive world of titanium created by Lorenzini, the absolute specialist in Italy and Europe in the manufacturing of a metal with exceptional characteristics. Lorenzini is a company of pioneers and enthusiasts that for over 30 years has explored the possibilities offered by a versatile, beautiful, strong and durable material, pushing the limits of its use ever further.

With excellence in the traditional technologies of transforming the raw material, such as anodizing, oxidizing and electroplating, through which industrial applications for numerous sectors are provided, Lorenzini’s expertise also extends to special cutting-edge industrial methods such as water jet cutting and TIG welding.
Thanks to this commitment to innovation and experimentation, Lorenzini exceeds the usual boundaries of the use of titanium, creating revolutionary objects and systems that mark the state-of-the-art in terms of solutions for furniture, interior design, construction and furnishings in the shipbuilding, aerospace and yachting industries, as well as sport and design for everyday use.

Lorenzini gives luxury a new soul, distinct and indestructible: titanium.

For over 30 years
we are forging metals

Although used by industry on a large scale only since a few decades, titanium has now conquered the most dizzying heights and hidden depths, and can be found, in small or large quantities, virtually in every home, factory and office.
From the shipbuilding sector to the aerospace industry, from precision components for watch making to photography, and from cars to computer parts, nowadays titanium offers solutions that were once unthinkable, improving longstanding habits, opening up possibilities, and creating dreams.
Grace and strength. The only limits to applications of titanium are creativity and the human capacity to bend it into new forms and use it in new areas of use.
Its success is due to its often unique chemical, mechanical and aesthetic qualities, whether singularly or in combination.

  • Corrosion resistance
    It is not attacked by oxidizing acids or alkalis and brilliantly tolerates any type of pollution, from urban to industrial emissions, also in marine and tropical environments.
  • Mechanical strength
    Its strength is comparable to that of carbon steel, yet its strength/density ratio is far higher.
  • Beauty
    Warm and attractive, it is available both as a metal and an alloy, either in its natural silvery colour or a wide range of colours and finishes including matt, brushed, semi-polished or mirror. It can be used in extremely thin gauge.
  • Lightness and design
  • Eco-sustainability
    It is completely recyclable and absolutely biocompatible.
  • Healthy and hypoallergenic
    It does not cause microorganisms to develop. Exposure to sunlight is sufficient to eliminate germs such as Legionella and streptococcus. Similarly, the action of the sun’s rays on titanium surfaces “converts” fine particles deposited onto them into harmless substances.