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Home, office, boat. The luxury of a life with a titanium soul
The most powerful and striking interpretation of the many possibilities offered by titanium is that originating from the match between Lorenzini’s expertise and the creativity of Italian and international designers and architects.
Design flair, sophisticated thinking, and the highest abilities in implementation and finishing.
Thereby titanium, thanks to its unique characteristics interpreted in the best possible way, presents itself as the new majestic protagonist in the world of luxury living, offering new, unrivalled solutions for quality and refinement. High profile design and planning are matched by aesthetic qualities and mechanical properties that are second to none in the objects and residential systems produced with “competitor” metals or materials.
And that will always be admired.

Turbines for aircraft

Structural components for boating

Exterior cladding

Home furnishings

Components of furniture

Design Objects

Structural components for the automotive

Furniture for offices / hall

Interior trim