Total quality and service are key words at Lorenzini: this viewpoint has given rise to the sector of trading Titanium, as well as that for special materials such as Duplex, Superduplex, SMO254, 904L and the Nickel Alloys supplying coils, bars, plates, pipes, titanium wire for medical and industrial use in various degrees and sizes.
All stock materials come from the most qualified and certified international producers.

Water cutting

The technology is used for cutting many materials, sheets, rods and tubes.
The water cutting harnesses the power of a jet of high pressure water to etch and shape perfectly sheets up to a maximum thickness of 200 mm and dimensions up to 3000 x 2000 mm.
The water jet cutting is one of the many special services that the company has decided to adopt in order to expand the offer to customers and keep one step ahead of the competition.
Cutting water is available at the registered Lorenzini Titanium Padua.

Welding TIG AC / DC

Welding TIG AC / DC is one of the special services offered by Lorenzini titanium.
The welding process in cab controlled atmosphere is carried out by our skilled technicians.
By welding TIG AC / DC are welded thin layers of material, it is very often jobs that require high precision equipment and high-level personnel.
Through TIG AC / DC are usually welded materials such as aluminum, magnesium and their alloys as well as steels, stainless steels and copper.

Others services

For several years Lorenzini Titanium provides custom-work of plates, rods and tubes through the use of press brakes, shears, saws and automated work centers. Special services offered by the company are:

Shears: cut sheets up to 3000 x 6 mm
Saws: cutting tubes and rods up to a diameter of 200 mm
Bending at CNC: power up to 220 ton maximum dimensions of 4000 mm work
CNC machining center 3-axis
Molding presses up to 75 tons
Surface finishing processes with tumblers and micropallinatura

They all work carried out by specialized and highly qualified.