Lorenzini Srl was established in 1981 operating in the production of titanium tools and equipment for the galvanizing and anodic industry.

The well-established expertise in titanium manufacturing and the creativity combined with the strong ability of interpretation, allowed Lorenzini Srl to become a worldwide known Company, also thanks to its highly qualified technical staff who can design and manufacture any titanium structures.

Quality and 360-degree support are the key words of Lorenzini Srl: on that basis, the Company exceeds the usual boundaries of the use of titanium offering revolutionary objects and systems in terms of solutions for interior and exterior furniture, yachting, design, lighting, and equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Tables, chairs, lamps, structural components, accessories and equipment are just some of the achievements of the Company. 

Lorenzini pays particular attention to innovation and technologies using water jet cutting and TIG welding.

The Company is equipped with the following facilities:

  • water jet,
  • gear cutting CNC,
  • MIG and TIG AC/DC welding machines,
  • presses up to 75-ton,
  • folding presses up to 400 mm and 220 ton,
  • shears up to 6 mm,
  • electromechanical spot welders,
  • various positioners and tools for every kind of machining
  • wire bending machine from 2 mm to 6, 5mm.

The Company also offers surface finishing services such as polishing, electro polishing and vibro-finishing in order to provide a full service.


Titanium is quite a new material for industry, but thanks to its proprieties it could be the perfect alternative to the common materials.
It can be used in several fields such as shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, sport accessories, furniture and many other; nowadays titanium can offer solutions that once were unthinkable.
As a matter of fact, its physical and mechanical proprieties make titanium a material of high value.

Corrosion resistance
Titanium exhibits excellence resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, waters and industrial chemical products. Lastly, it provides resistance to erosion and to shock.
Titanium does not require any maintenance as it has a natural surface layer to protect itself against corrosion or erosion by external agents. In fact, in case of scratches or abrasions, the protective layer resets in a short time.
Titanium is not attacked by acid or basic oxidants and it is able to endure several kinds of pollution: urban and industrial emission, even in the marine and tropical environment. 

Mechanical resistance
While the mechanical characteristics of titanium can be compared with those of steel alloy, its strength-to-weight ratio is higher than that of any other structural metals. Titanium is as resistant to corrosion as platinum.

Titanium as low level of density (4,51g/cm³), which is approximately 43% of that of stainless steel.
Thanks to its lightness and resistance, titanium is mostly used in the aeronautic and aerospace field.

Titanium is completely recyclable and absolutely biocompatible to the human body. It does not cause microorganisms to develop, it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-magnetic and anti-static.

Its natural silvery color makes titanium a material of elegance. As a consequence, titanium is mostly used in its natural color or in other finishes such as satin finish, semi-polished or sandblaster.

The useful material for any processing
Thanks to its flexibility, workability and weldability, titanium can be used in many fields, for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Titanium is able to support extreme temperatures, it has excellent rust resistance, so it does not wear out in the long term.



Titanium processing and equipment for anodic oxidation and electroplating industry

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