360 ° machining and services


Lorenzini is partner of some of the biggest and qualified titanium mills. With prompt delivery, we are able to provide a wide range of semis such as plates, sheets, coils, round bars, square bars, wire, tubes, pipes either for industrial and medical use in accordance to the main principal specifications. (ASTM, ASME, AMS, ISO, etc.).

Our stock is equipped also with fasteners according to DIN 933 and 934.

Welding TIG AC/DC

TIG AC/DC welding enables Lorenzini to weld pieces with a very small thickness to guarantee high precision and quality.

This type of welding required qualified staff and cutting-edge facility and it is generally use to weld aluminum, common steels, copper and lead.

Water jet cutting

The water cutting uses the power of high pressure water jet to accurately cut and shape sheets and plates up to 200 mm thickness and 3000x2000 mm wide. The water cutting is one of the cutting-edge facility that the Company uses to guarantee high standards and provide high quality services.

At the warehouse of Lorenzini, you can find two water cuts to satisfy the customer needs.

Other services

Lorenzini offers tailor-made works using the most proper facilities, according to the customer needs.

Some of the special services offered by the Company are:

  • Shears: sheets and plates cutting up to 3000 x 6 mm
  • Saws: pipes, tubes and bars cutting up to 200 mm diameter
  • Folding presses CNC up to 4000 mm and 220 ton
  • 3-axis CNC machining center
  • Molding presses up to 75 ton
  • Surface finishing processes with tumblers and micro-pallinatura


Titanium processing and equipment for anodic oxidation and electroplating industry

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